Web/gtkhtml2 progress

Done lots of work on gtkhtml2 and Web in the past few weeks – I’ll be taking a break from this for a little while though to concentrate on Contacts and Dates in time for FOSDEM. Some of the patches I’ve written are already in, or are heading to gtkhtml2 CVS, others won’t hit for a little while I imagine. The current maintainer, dobey, has been a great help though.

Managed to fix a long-time odd bug of gtkhtml2 yesterday – That of altering the colours of surrounding widgets in the window. Ends up the code to set the background colour of pages (which follows the theme’s base colour) was broken. Also fixed margin inheritance, min/max width/height on images. These patches are mostly in CVS already and will be completely in soon I should think ๐Ÿ™‚

Patches that *aren’t* in CVS and probably won’t be for a while add support for various new features such as @import (written by the maker of UniPKG), @media (and all the other various forms of specifying css media type), user style-sheets and a ‘node-finished-parsing signal’. I’ve added a screenshot that shows off the @import/@media support. The node-finished-parsing signal allows me to handle JavaScript better in Web, which now features complete support for document.write via stream manipulation, as it (unfortunately) should be done.

Perhaps, one day, the Gnome browser will be gtkhtml2-based ๐Ÿ˜‰

Billy Talent – Red Flag

New blog!

So, another new page – and with proper hosting too! As you can hopefully see, I’ve flawlessly transitioned (thanks mostly to Ross Burton) from blogger to PyBlosxom. If anyone’s interested in the script I wrote to do this, here it is (I warn you, it isn’t pretty!):

Jamiroquai – Funktion