How can Mozilla and Gnome work together?

I’ve been pretty lax on blogging lately, but here’s something that’s troubling me. I haven’t really done any work directly related to Gnome since I started working at Mozilla. Ends up writing browsers is pretty hard, and any recreational programming time I get, I don’t particularly feel inclined to work on Gnome. I have, however, been attending Guadec this week. I haven’t missed one since 2006 and I don’t intend to. What’s troubling me, is that although Mozilla were kind enough to sponsor my presence here (we’re hiring!), Gnome doesn’t seem to be hugely relevant to us anymore. I’d love to be corrected of course, but judging by the amount of effort we’re putting into the Gtk+3 port, themeing and other Linux-related bugs, I’m pretty sure this is the case.

I have some ideas about this, but I’d like to be brief. For now. So, my simple question is, How can Mozilla and Gnome work better together?

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