Why IE7 feels faster than both WebKit and Gecko

Try doing anything with this page in the foreground. This sort of page isn’t entirely uncommon and makes both Gecko and WebKit completely unusable on my monster of a machine. On the other hand, IE7 handles this fine and the interface remains responsive. Acid 3.0 is all well and good, but whatever it is that makes this page (and pretty much any page featuring a static background and/or semi-transparency) slow to crawl really ought to be fixed…


Microsoft, taking the initiative once again

As those who’ve read my past blog posts may have ascertained, I love Windows Vista. It trumps Gnome (and KDE of course, but that’s a given) in just about every way, and once again, Microsoft are taking the initiative in what must be one of the best examples of viral marketing ever:

YouTube link

Why hasn’t the free/open-source movement copied this? We’ve copied just about everything else, I think we’d see much greater success if we concentrated on marketing too. This video is a great example of why Microsoft are winning the OS war.


History meme

Well, everyone else is doing it… I only installed a week or two ago, so this probably doesn’t say much (or maybe it does?):

My work-pattern is to do my coding in anjuta (with the odd bits here and there in vim) and to have a terminal open that I build in, so that explains the high instance of ‘make’… Not sure about the rest of it – sudo probably because I’ve had to edit a lot of config files/install a lot of packages… Interesting that for almost everyone else, ‘cd’ comes above ‘ls’…