Drabble Contest: A Problem with the Planets

Finally, a meme I can get on with!


FOSDEM 2009: The aftermath

This year’s FOSDEM was really quite excellent, not least because I was giving a talk this time 😉 It was great to put a face to some new names, and to see familiar ones too. I won’t go on, but the highlights for me were definitely the Xorg and Mozilla talks (not to say there weren’t some great talks in other rooms too, I enjoyed the webkit/ebooks talk, and the gnustep theming talk, to name just a couple). I was also quite impressed the presence and apparent mindshare that KDE 4.2 displayed as well. It’s looking a lot nicer than it once did.

For those who were unlucky enough to miss my talk, or for those unlucky enough to have been there (I admit I don’t always speak in coherent sentences), I’ve uploaded the annotated slides. Load it up in OpenOffice and check out the ‘Notes’ tab to get a small write-up of what I was talking about during each slide (as well as a lot of information I missed out as I rushed through the talk!) In case you didn’t already know, the talk was about the headless Mozilla backend I’ve written, as well as ClutterMozembed.

Thanks to Intel for helping me get there, the guys in Intel OTC UK for being supportive and great people to work with, and to all those who acted as if my talk wasn’t a complete shambles; thanks for humouring me! I kid, of course, I think it went pretty well considering it was my first talk outside of university… But yeah, thanks and good night 🙂