Rather than leave it another month or whatever, thought I’d blog and give a quick update on what I’m up to… Unfortunately, mostly university work at the moment, although I have had an hour here and there to do some Dates hacking. I’ve been working on small polish bugs and the slightly larger “doesn’t show days from previous/future months when spare space is available” bug, hopefully will be able to commit those in the next few weeks. University-wise, I’ve been devoting most of my time to the Interactive Entertainment Systems course, developing this game. Of course, I’ll release it (GPL) when it’s done.

Since I got my n800 (for which the discount worked fine, for those that warned me of hassles), I’ve mostly been using it as an internet phone. With the always-on functionality, it works a lot better than the 770 ever did. I was a little dubious of it when I first saw it, but its looks have grown on me and I’m looking forward to whatever new software and updates are in the pipe-line.

Radiohead – Paranoid Android

Dates 0.3.1

Fixed bug #172 and rolled a new Dates release. I meant to fix this bug a while ago (it’s the “can’t pick any events in December” bug), so after seeing another release with it, decided it should be the last. Thanks to Ross for building and uploading packages for Ubuntu dapper, edgy and maemo 2.0 (for the 770) and 3.0 (for the n800). Repositories are here and here – enjoy 🙂