GUADEC photos

GUADEC is winding down now, will be coming back home this evening. I’ve uploaded the most interesting of my photos, and added them all to the GUADEC2006 group. Here’s a couple of the most interesting ones:

Ross and Daniel

A potential new hackergotchi?


Making Dates less crap

Guadec has been great so far, met a lot of interesting people and attended a lot of insightful talks. Hearing all these cool things reminds me how bad a few bits of Dates are, so I’m hacking on it at the moment, trying to improve the speed and memory efficiency – Nothing huge, but enough to make the Guadec webcal not lock the app for a good minute or 2 on start-up. The most frequent comment I’ve got has (unfortunately) been about my hair – and how different I look from my hackergotchi. Seeing as I don’t know when I’ll next cut my hair, perhaps I should update my hackergotchi? Unfortunately, my GIMP skills are lacking, so if anyone wants to make me a hackergotchi from this picture, that’d be much appreciated.


Polishing Dates

Have been polishing Dates some before Guadec, getting it working nicely on the 770 – some screencaptures. It’s still got a ways to go, but I can see a possible 0.1 release coming out of Guadec if I get the chance to do a bit of hacking. The major issue with it at the moment is speed, and I know how to fix this, it’s just a case of sitting down and doing it, and ignoring the 101 other things that need doing 🙂

If you’re interested in building this, have a look at this. The default packaging obviously builds for maemo, but I spent some time today on the packaging to make it easier to build on non-maemo – Removing the –enable-hildon switch and moving all the patches out of the way should be just about all it takes for that packaging to work on Ubuntu/Debian, if you fancy building yourself some Dates packages. I’d recommend against that though, it’s not at all ready to put that sort of effort into it.

In less related news, I’ve opened a flickr account and also put my graphics coursework from last year online. I don’t think either would interest many, but what the hey. Note, I don’t think this version works in Windows due to some uninitialised variables – I have a fixed version (the coursework was marked in Windows) but it’s only on my laptop and that’s packed away at the moment. I’ll try and put some sort of ‘recent photos’ type feature on my site when I get the time.

Jamiroquai – Don’t Stop (The Feeling)