University Results

Got my results today; Was pleasantly surprised, I achieved a first 🙂 I am now officially a Master of Engineering in Computer Science! Very glad it’s over and the effort paid off, can get back to business soon. Went geocaching the other day and will be going again tomorrow, thanks to a cheap GPS receiver, Maemo Mapper and a combination of online map services. Was good fun, will blog more about it tomorrow (some photos on my Flickr).

Basement Jaxx – Plug It In (Feat JC Chasez)

New Design

New page design from Hope people like it 🙂 Well, not that it’s my design, but took a little while to integrate with PyBlosxom… Will see about organising the page a bit better in the next week or two.


My Lost Dog

So, I’ve pretty much finished with all uni work now and I must say, I’m extremely relieved… For any students in the UK thinking of doing a masters in Computer Science, I’d urge them to reconsider – It definitely isn’t worth it, the effort you have to put in compared to the bachelors is enormous. The last year of work made the first three years look like a joke.

Anyway, enough moaning, thought I’d blog about the last project I handed in, ‘Interactive Entertainment Systems’ (i.e. ‘Computer Games’). The project was to build a game and write a report about the design/implementation. A colleague and I built a physics-based driving/demolition game we’ve titled ‘Domino Blast’. A picture is worth a thousand words, so:

I’d like to think it’s quite fun 🙂 Links: Ubuntu Feisty packages: The source compiles on both Linux and Windows. Notable dependencies: ODE, libmodelfile (aka libmd3). I’ll see about uploading Ubuntu feisty packages later today/tomorrow.

[Update] Ubuntu Feisty packages available (see above).

Hellsing – World Without Logos