Pill popping and happy wombats

Damien, Neil and I gave our joint talk about doing interesting and unusual things in Clutter yesterday. I think it went down alright, hopefully we can give more of this kind of talk in the future, showing people how you can use Clutter in cool ways.

For my part of the talk, I spoke about developing small, fun games. I intended the advice I gave to apply to developing any small game with anything, though it definitely applies to making games in Clutter. You can find the text and slides for my talk here. Like Neil and Damien (and the rest of the Intel OTC crew), I wrote my talk in pinpoint, pippin‘s excellent, new, Clutter-based presentation tool.

I wrote two games before the talk:

Both of these games are available from my git repository. Pill-popper works with any recent version of Mx and Clutter, Happy Wombats currently requires master clutter-box2d and the ‘kinetic-scrolling’ branch of Mx (which should shortly be merged – I’ll update this post when it is). When these games are more complete, I hope to submit them to the MeeGo garage, and perhaps suggest their inclusion for gnome-games.

Happy Wombats includes an editor, so I’d love to receive some levels at some point. I’ll be improving things soon, but it’s already quite easy to use. Guadec has been great so far, I hope we can keep up the momentum of awesome developments until the next one 🙂


New hosting

Thanks to the awesome Nick Richards, I have new hosting (the old OpenedHand server that hosted my site is disappearing soon :(). If you’re reading this, everything has gone smoothly 🙂

Oh, and I’ll be at Guadec, presenting a talk with Damien Lespiau and Neil Roberts. You won’t want to miss it!