libjana fixed up for rapid application development

Just finished fixing up libjana-gtk to work nicely with glade-3. When compiled with –enable-glade, a glade-3 catalog file will be installed and some work-arounds will be enabled in the code that allow the widgets to be used nicely inside glade-3, allowing easy creation of GtkBuilder/libglade xml UI description files.

Also, thanks to Thomas Wood‘s GSOC student pointing out that they were broken, and Emmanuele Bassi showing me exactly what was broken about them, I’ve fixed the libjana{-ecal,-gtk} vala bindings. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the time to test them, but they look correct 🙂

The plan is to use vala and glade-3/GtkBuilder in Dates2, as I get the time to work on it. Hopefully some other people might start playing with it though, as I really think libjana* lowers the barrier of entry for using PIM data via evolution-data-server in GTK applications. Just look what’s possible!:

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Firefox certificate nonsense

Just ran into this again (I must have to add exceptions on average 3 times a week?) and I have to agree with the people critiquing it; it definitely *isn’t* good for security. What *would* be good is if the security exception page was deferred until you submit data through that page.

Surely there’s no risk until you start giving out your details? I don’t get error pages every time I view a page without certificates, I don’t see how that’s any more secure. I shouldn’t have to add an exception (and desensitise myself further to these security issues) if I’m just viewing a page with a bad certificate.