libjana documentation

Was going to get my hair dreaded today, but it ends up it’s still a couple of inches too short ๐Ÿ™ So spent most of the day watching Bones and filling in the blanks for the documentation of libjana. 100% symbol docs coverage ๐Ÿ™‚ (libjana-ecal and libjana-gtk to follow in the near future) This means that all the info is there if you wanted to write a new back-end for libjana, say, for example, xmltv for TV listings, or GPE, or whatever KDE uses, etc. It also means you could write interface widgets for another toolkit, like Qt, EFL, or Clutter. No excuses for people not to be doing my work for me now, hop to it! In all seriousness though, libjana[-ecal|-gtk] may be something you want to consider if you’re writing an application to interoperate with calendar data on the GNOME desktop and you’ve seen what using libecal is like. I’ll try and write something a bit more substantial about it at some point.

[Update]: libjana-ecal documentation complete


OpenMoko Dates – Second shots!

Thomas already stole my thunder on this one, but a lot of progress has been made since that post. It still isn’t done, but it’s approaching usable (note: approaching, not reached quite yet imho). I just ‘finished’ colour-category support today, where unique (but determinate) colours are assigned to each category, automatically. Also, Marcin’s post had some nasty comments on digg about the OpenMoko theme (which I mostly disagree with), so to show that it’s all academic at this stage anyway, I’ve taken some screenshots in Clearlooks. Enjoy: