So, back from FOSDEM – Had a great time, in the company of great people. Didn’t get to do quite as much networking/eating as I’d have liked due to being fairly ill, but still had lots of fun and it was great to see the OH guys again, as well as meet the new ones 🙂 Many thanks to Matthew for taking me along.

Haven’t made too much progress on any fronts, annoyingly – Dates has seen some nice changes, but is very unstable at the moment, in terms of basic features and UI flux… Hopefully I’ll have the time to make that better. Web can view Epiphany bookmarks, it won’t be too much work to add editing, but it isn’t high on the priority list (Working on z-index support and HtmlDOM object). Contacts 0.2 should be out fairly soon, will try my best. Apologies for this post being unnecessarily link-heavy.

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