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The holiday period has come to and end, as has my contract with OpenedHand unfortunately. I’ve definitely had a lot of fun working with the guys there and hope to be able to carry on part-time; there’s certainly a lot more I want to do. During this short break, I’ve been working on my web browser. It no longer uses synchronous wget instances to fetch, but asynchronous gnome-vfs calls – I’ve made a few other improvements too and it’s actually starting to become a functional browser (it’s good enough to search on google :)). GtkHtml2 has a lot of oddities that I’d like to fix once this browser reaches a state of stability – the biggest being how it changes the top-level window menubar background colour to white… That’s a very weird bug. Although the likelihood of it ever happening is just about zero, it would be nice to see GtkHtml2 become a viable alternative to gecko, at least for memory-limited systems (gtkhtml + deps make minimo look monolithic). A couple of screens: Screen 1, Screen 2.


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