gtkhtml2 JavaScript?

I handed in my progress report for my dissertation, and one of the sentiments made in it was that the methods I’m using for small-screen-rendering (which is the subject of the dissertation) would likely not work with gtkhtml2 due to its lack of JavaScript support… But like many a coder, as soon as those words were committed to hand-in, I realised it was a challenge that I had to take on 🙂 And so, the very preliminary results (using spidermonkey):
This html:

JavaScript test:
This should appear after the Hello World.

produces this result:

As it should. At the moment, only document.write is handled, but given that’s probably one of the hardest functions to handle, I’ve got a good start 🙂 As an aside, also implemented tooltips with gtkhtml2 – I should probably patch liferea for that, it’s the only reason I use the mozilla engine in it…


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