JavaScript-assisted html restyling for small screens

Haven’t managed to get any work done on Dates this week due to food poisoning over the weekend… Not enjoyable at all. A big thank you to all of those who have sent me patches for both Contacts and Dates, adding support for things like gnome-vfs, i18n, locale-based week start day… It’s really nice that there are people interested enough to contribute patches 🙂 Not all of them have been applied, I’ll try my best to work them all in by the end of the week.

That aside, I just did a little work on the JavaScript I’m using with my browser (which doesn’t yet support enough HTML DOM to run it, unfortunately) to re-style pages for small screens. You can take a look here – It’s a greasemonkey script if you fancy trying it out, but I’d avise strongly not to 🙂

The idea of my dissertation, originally, was just to do something GtkExpander-like with parts of pages to condense them slightly and make them easier to read – Of course, its ballooned a bit since then.. I’ve done a fair amount of work on gtkhtml2 (some of which is already in HEAD, the rest of which is in the Web repo) and I’m trying to write methods of small-screen-rendering(tm Opera) that are browser-agnostic. I need to think of a title for my dissertation (that is, assuming I can even change it..) that better reflects what I’ve actually done.. Any ideas?


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