Finally Over

I handed in my finished final project report yesterday. I’d planned not to pull any all-nighters, but unfortunately ended up doing one. No regrets though, it allowed me to get it in in the morning, before the rush and printer problems (the printers break down every year on hand-in day, I don’t understand why they stick with the brand..). For anyone that’s interested in reading it, you can get it here – it’s entitled “Small-Screen HTML Rendering on Memory Constrained Devices”. Any criticism is welcome, so I can prepare myself for questions that’ll be asked during the demonstration – but don’t be too harsh :). It’s mostly about small-screen rendering and the improvement of GTKHTML2, which hopefully I’ll now have more time for (how ironic…).

I’ve taken the chance to update the screenshots on Web’s page, which I’ll also link directly here, here and here. I’m quite pleased with the Maemo port. If you have a 770 and would like to try it out, you can install these packages (in order!):

A warning though, it’s pretty unusable due to huge memory leaks, crashes and no jitter-correction (so clicking on links is very hard). It reads in Epiphany bookmark files from ~/.gnome2/epiphany/bookmarks.rdf. GTKHTML2 could really do with some extra developers 🙂

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