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Well, haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks… Been pretty busy recently with work and things. Seriously lacking in exercise, hopefully will make up for that this weekend. In terms of dev stuff, it’s mostly been work things, although I have worked a little on a PIM synchronisation app – I’ll hopefully have a bit of spare time for that in the next week or two, will have to see.

I’ve ‘upgraded’ my amd64 dapper desktop to i386 edgy. It’s a relief to be rid of the little amd64 annoyances (32-bit OpenOffice, no wmv9/flash without lots of 32-bit binaries/dodgy reference decoders, no wine, 32-bit distributed binaries, etc.) and I’m quite impressed with how usable edgy is already. Less impressive is the actual progress made since dapper, but I’m sure there are bigger things to come (and hopefully a new nvidia driver that fixes the font problems).

I read a recent post on p-g-o about OpenOffice loading documents faster than Abiword in edgy – I’d just like to point out that that person is either a) better than me, or b) completely ignoring the amount of time it takes to load OOo. On my AMD64 3200+, gig of dual-channel RAM, it takes ~33 seconds to load up OOo (and that’s after loading and closing it a couple of times, so likelihood is there’s an amount of caching there). Abiword takes ~3 seconds to load. Needless to say, there’s room for some improvement there 🙂

I’ve also populated an Amazon wish-list recently, y’know, in case you felt like buying me stuff to encourage me to work on Dates/Contacts/etc.. Go on, you know you want to..

Nick Drake – One Of These Things First

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