Still Alive

Been a while since I’ve blogged, what with the final (4th) year of uni starting up. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much had no time to do any work outside of uni, but thanks to Ross, Tomas and Thomas, a new Contacts got released. New Dates will follow, surely before Christmas at the very latest.

My uni work time has mostly been spent on the big group project and partially on advanced computer graphics – the former you can see some of the results from here (requires Java 1.5). I’ve stupidly chosen to do my advanced graphics on realtime software volume rendering (using the shear-warp factorisation of the viewing transformation (see paper with same name)) – Hopefully I’m not just setting myself up to fail..

Seeing as I probably won’t blog again until Christmas, I may as well get some moaning out of the way too (feel free to stop reading here) – what the heck is it with regressions in Ubuntu/Gnome these days? Current (edgy, feisty) gnome-vfs breaks rhythmbox and totem’s streaming of media over networks (old gnome-vfs fixes this, packages hereRelated bug report), the software glx packages are impossible to install (Had to fudge the dependencies in the control files and rebuild), as well as broken (z-buffer depth is set to 16 bits, which breaks pretty much everything)… Am I looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, or did this all used to work, with minimal faffing, at some point? I remember having mesa software glx rendering in Mandrake 9.1.. or do I?

Oh, and if anyone related is listening, a couple of bug reports (with fixes) that seem to be getting ignored that are a bit annoying: Ubuntu bug #58614, GNOME bug #357055.

Happy Holidays!

Corinne Bailey Rae – Breathless

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