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So, I’ve pretty much finished with all uni work now and I must say, I’m extremely relieved… For any students in the UK thinking of doing a masters in Computer Science, I’d urge them to reconsider – It definitely isn’t worth it, the effort you have to put in compared to the bachelors is enormous. The last year of work made the first three years look like a joke.

Anyway, enough moaning, thought I’d blog about the last project I handed in, ‘Interactive Entertainment Systems’ (i.e. ‘Computer Games’). The project was to build a game and write a report about the design/implementation. A colleague and I built a physics-based driving/demolition game we’ve titled ‘Domino Blast’. A picture is worth a thousand words, so:

I’d like to think it’s quite fun 🙂 Links: Ubuntu Feisty packages: The source compiles on both Linux and Windows. Notable dependencies: ODE, libmodelfile (aka libmd3). I’ll see about uploading Ubuntu feisty packages later today/tomorrow.

[Update] Ubuntu Feisty packages available (see above).

Hellsing – World Without Logos

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