Peter Molyneux

The day after graduation, Peter Molyneux was receiving an honorary degree at my university (Southampton). I was one of the lucky few students to be invited to talk with him and show him some of my work, which was a great honor. It’s not every day that you get to chat with one of the most creative minds in gaming history! He liked my IES game (Domino Blast), which was extremely flattering. I’m going to come off as a fan-boy, but I’m going to go ahead and gush anyway. Peter Molyneux is a very humble, level-headed and smart guy. I’m not sure why I was surprised, you don’t get into those positions if you aren’t (do you?), but it was nice to find out first hand. Most refreshing of all, he actually seemed to be a real hard-core gamer, and knew all the games I spoke about. He said some very interesting things and it was good to know that a lot of the things I find disheartening/annoying about modern games, he also felt the same way about. I love my current job and have no intention of going anywhere (assuming I do a good enough job to stay where I am…), but this certainly rekindles my interest in the gaming industry. Perhaps a few years down the line I might reconsider my options…


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