Poor Konami :(

Random blog post follows: Why does every other games company completely and blatantly rip off Konami, and why do Konami let them get away with it? If it were Microsoft, dare I say it, there’s no way they’d let these things slide… Beatmania gets copied by EZ2DJ, Dance Dance Revolution gets copied by Pump It Up (and several others), Guitar Mania gets copied by Guitar Hero, Thrill Drive gets copied by Burnout… And the list probably goes on. These aren’t just influences, these are all cases where someone has gone “Ooh, that looks cool… Let’s do that!” and re-implemented the game. To add insult to injury, some of the plagiarisers have done a lot better than Konami, without adding anything new (Criterion with Burnout, Harmonix with Guitar Hero (and their up-coming band game too..)). Whoever heads Konami must be very understanding and very honourable. Or very oblivious. If this was my work, I wouldn’t be too happy about it..


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