Event-Flow (Introducing libjana)

I’ve been working the past couple of weeks on libjana, a collection of libraries intended to make working with libecal easy (gasp!). These are going to form the back-end for the new version of Dates, which you’ll see first as part of OpenMoko (although it goes without saying, pimlico and gnome versions are high on my TODO list). Unfortunately, I haven’t made a huge amount of progress on the event viewing widgets yet; most of my time has been spent working on building solid foundations, so things like timezones/daylight savings work correctly and recurring events and alarms won’t be hard to implement in the future. The start of this week has been spent on UI bits, however, and I hacked up a little demo yesterday which I hope demonstrates how easy libjana is to use (feedback welcome):

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164 lines of code, including license header 🙂 Just thought I’d put this out there, before Apple come up with something equally pointless.


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