JanaGtk themeing demo

I spent today generally bug-fixing and adding native scrolling to the JanaGtkDayView widget, but I also took a little time to tidy up some of the themeing bits with JanaGtk. JanaGtk uses the GTK painting functions as much as is possible to look correct depending on the theme you’re using. Pictures, especially moving pictures, express this better than words (note that these are all stock themes, no special cases have been added for these widgets):

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Happy Birthday v22.4 :D

Got back from work today, to be confronted with an Amazon package. Had no idea what it was, figured maybe my sister had ordered something in my name for some reason… Ends up some particularly awesome person named Chris (not me, another awesome Chris) bought me the music from my Amazon wish list! Unfortunately Amazon doesn’t provide me with any contact details, so I can’t thank them properly, but assuming you read this blog Chris, you made my day 🙂 Seems parodying Jono’s blog posts is a lucrative business… Oh, and further libjana-gtk (i.e. Dates 2) progress


Introducing: JanaGtkMonthView

It’s not quite there yet (and the code isn’t committed), but I’ve almost finished (sort of) one of libjana-gtk’s major widgets – the GtkCalendar style event view. It uses the previously demonstrated JanaGtkTreeLayout to deal with drawing/updating/activating events and draws the background/handles positioning itself. It doesn’t handle selections or anything like that yet (although of course, JanaGtkTreeLayout still works, so you can select events). It’s also fully themeable, so a theme can choose to special-case it and give it more appropriate colours/look, for example.

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[Update]: Committed


Please buy me stuff

In a few weeks, specifically, April 3rd, I’ll become an old man of 23. I predict it’ll be a pretty good year, some good things will happen and some bad things will happen too. Variety is the spice of life I’ve always thought, so I won’t let any of that stop me from being awesome. What lies in store for the year after that? I don’t know, but I have a dream…

Now, at this point, I know that those of you that have enough money to buy gifts for total strangers will want to know how you can send me stuff for my birthday. Also, you’re handsome/pretty and smell nice. No longer will you be crying yourself to sleep at night, as I am now about to link to my Amazon Wish List, which I definitely haven’t linked to before. The rest of you suck and are no longer my friends.