libjana packages for Ubuntu gutsy

Thanks to Ubuntu’s new Personal Package Archives, there are now libjana packages available for Ubuntu gutsy. I haven’t packaged openmoko-dates/libmokoui yet as there’s a critical bug in MokoFingerScroll I only noticed yesterday (I’d been developing on a dual-core laptop previously, which seems to mask the bug…) that stops it from being useful. I will add libmokoui, openmoko-dates and perhaps more openmoko bits when I get the time. I also haven’t packaged the examples/tests yet as I just haven’t had the time/inclination to sort it out, but I will in due course (meanwhile, check out the svn).
Anyway, if you want to try out any of the libjana bits, the development files and documentation are all packaged and ready to go. The libraries are compiled static (and the pkg-config files reflect this, so it’s not something you need to worry about), as they’re pretty small and not really ready to be used as a dll. The documentation is accessible through devhelp when installed. The /etc/apt/sources.list lines: deb

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