Splitting up with libjana

Jana (libjana, libjana-ecal and libjana-gtk + tests and examples) are now in their own separate repository, away from openmoko-dates2. I doubt anyone has checked them out, but just in case, new repository URLs: https://svn.o-hand.com/repos/jana/trunk
https://svn.o-hand.com/repos/dates/branches/openmoko2 It is also now configured and installed as a dynamic library. As multiple applications are using it (openmoko-dates, openmoko-today, openmoko-worldclock) and it gradually increases in size and functionality, it makes less sense to link it statically. I’ll try and update my PPA on the weekend with some more of these OpenMoko applications, but no promises – my desktop computer is temporarily broken (:() and Metroid Prime 3 is out this Friday (:)). I did take on some of the ‘suggestions’ made in my previous blog with the digital clock in libjana-gtk, but I’m going to refrain from posting a screenshot. If anyone’s genuinely interested in helping (either with patches, or real criticism), they’re more than welcome 🙂 Thinking of patches, Iain wrote an excellent patch for JanaGtkWorldMap that I hope to integrate tomorrow and use in the world clock application… Unfortunately, didn’t get too much done today, just been one of those days… Think I might be coming down with something again, was a heck of a struggle to get out of bed this morning :/ Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. On the subject, last weekend I went back down to Southampton to visit a couple of friends, and got to complete Portal. Which is just about the best game I’ve played in years, definitely a reason to either own an Xbox 360 or a reasonable PC running Windows (seriously!) It just about off-sets the disappointment that is the Halo 3 single-player/cooperative campaign… And it was good to see uni friends again of course.


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