Thanks again Nokia!

Seems my application for an N810 developer discount code was accepted again (I got one previously for the N800 too), so I’m pleased about that… And thinking what I’d like to do, development-wise too. I’m going to work on the missing widgets and various objects necessary to bring libjana[-ecal/-gtk] to feature-parity with old Dates – this means writing calendar list interfaces/objects, writing a month-list view widget and adding DnD support to the current widgets (I’m not going to rush on that last one, it’s not gonna be easy..) Going beyond that, I’d also like to add some location-awareness to Dates. On a simple level, adding a latitude/longitude entry and a GPS button to fill these automatically; on a slightly more complicated level, showing events on a JanaGtkWorldMap with some simple navigation/filtering. One more feature I’ve wanted to add to Dates for a while too, is adding pictures to events – pictures would be drawn in place, or imported (and subsequently drawn on). These are of course, features that can be shared with openmoko-dates too (within reason). It’ll take a while to do all this, but getting the device will act as incentive to get it done 🙂 Any other features tablet-owners would like to see?


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