Dear Intertron

I don’t often ask you for things, so please come through for me here! I’m looking for two things; the first, a decent set of headphones or earphones that I can wear at the gym, the second, a good shop to buy running shoes. Caveats for the first, I have quite small ears, so this tends to be a problem for me – earphones *always* fall out, even the sennheiser ones that go right into your ear canal (which I own a pair of), so it needs to have some kind of attachment. Also, it needs to not get horrible with sweat (gym). For the second, it’d be nice if the shop were in the proximity of Croydon or Bromley, or in central London failing that. Seems my current shoes aren’t doing me any favours (just a generic pair of Reeboks) when I jog for more than around 15 minutes :/ Maybe some of you keen runners on pogo can help me? On a side-note, any gnome devs into gaming? My wonderful friend got me a 360 at the end of last year, so I’ve been banging away at that a lot… GamerTag ‘Cwiiis’.


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