FOSS rules

I decided to buy an ebook reader recently as there’s a lot of manga I want to catch up on and after borrowing mallum‘s Sony Librie for a while, I’ve found that it’s a great format for reading comics. Brilliant to de-stress while things are compiling. Anyway, Linux tools for such devices seem to be woefully lacking, so I figured it couldn’t be that hard to write my own (for my own particular needs) – and thanks to FOSS, it really wasn’t 🙂

Thanks to The GIMP’s scripting engine, I have a script that can transform images into the required format; thanks to bash, I have a shell script that can get all the images to the script; and thanks to cairo, it was incredibly easy to write an app that turns a load of PNGs into a PDF. Source for all can be found here – handy if you have a Sony Reader/Librie or an Irex Iliad or something along those lines. Probably less useful for Kindle users..?


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