Guadec approaching

As Guadec approaches, I find myself preparing space in my drawers for whatever awesome new T-Shirts my inner student and I can pick up. I’m sure everyone appreciates these – I know I do, I wear them to work and the gym all the time, sometimes even going out (no one knows what ‘GNOME’ is, people occasionally mistake it for some trendy new clothing brand).

This all leaves me wondering though, shirts are definitely fully exploited… But what about… Trousers? I’m terrible at buying clothes, every time I go out to buy something, I always end up coming back with T-shirts, and possibly some weird gadgety thing or a new pair of shoes or something along those lines… But for some reason, rarely trousers. Just think how awesome GNOME/guadec trousers would be! This seems to be a missed opportunity, is it just me?


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