OSCON ’09 Talk

In case anyone’s at OSCON and, miraculously, follows my blog (likely via aggregation) but doesn’t follow my twitter and hasn’t already heard it from other more popular blogs, I’m reiterating my GCDS talk about animations using Clutter here at OSCON tomorrow at 10:45, Meeting Room C2. I’ll also be doing a chalk talk at the Intel booth, 1:30pm, on the work that went/goes into building the Moblin Web Browser (so if you want to check if your pet complaint(s) from the beta have been fixed (they have), please drop by!)

Note that I’ve beefed up the talk a little bit since GCDS and added a couple of new demos, some more slides and generally more detail. I under-ran pretty spectacularly at GCDS and I don’t think it’d be prudent to rely on having as many questions as there were there, so hopefully I’ll gauge time a bit better this time around! I hope to see you there 🙂

And the slides/code will be online soon, honest!


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