Since getting back from my month-long holiday a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on Moblin’s next-generation, Clutter-based UI toolkit: MX. You can check this out on moblin git. We’re really hoping that we can make this toolkit all you’d need in writing a modern, Clutter-based application for Moblin, so if you’re interested, please do check it out and give us some feedback! If you’re already acquainted with the Moblin infrastructure, you should know that this obsoletes NBTK.

Today, I ‘finished’ on one of the new widgets that we’ll be providing, MxPathBar. This is very similar to the breadcrumb-bar in the GTK file-chooser, with the added bonus of having an ‘editable’ mode that allows you to search. We intend to use this in the media library, and perhaps in the file-chooser (more on that at a later date…) Here’s a little demonstration – note that this is pre-final stuff and animations/graphics may improve 🙂

Download video


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