Time for a change

As some may have already heard through the grape(/twitter)vine, I’ve left my job at Intel. I very much enjoyed my time there, and of course at OpenedHand before it – but after what is pretty much 6 years, I think it’s time for me to take on some new challenges and meet some new people.

So, it’s my great pleasure to inform that I am now working for Mozilla, on the mobile team. I think this is a better fit for me now and I appreciate working for a foundation after a couple of years of corporate life. Although I’ve worked on Mozilla code before (mozilla-headless), this job does take me a fair bit outside of my comfort-zone, and I’m very much looking forward to the challenge! Hopefully I’ll be up to it and I’ll be able to blog about the cool things I’ll be helping out with 🙂

I am very sad to leave such a great team, however, and I’ll be watching with great anticipation to see what they produce now that I no longer have a front-row seat! So thanks and goodbye to all my friends at Intel, and hello to my new friends at Mozilla; I’m sure we’ll get on great.


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