Welcome to my new blog!

Wow, isn’t blogger great? Anyone who may have visited my site before can see that its been given quite a face-lift (no offense to Mark’s design though, which was/is excellent). I’ve chosen to go with a blog, because it better caters for what I want to do with this web-space. This blog is more of a technical blog, and I’ll be using it to write about what I’m working on at the moment, my thoughts about tech (well, Linux) related items/news and that sort of thing. If you’re more interested in my personal life (you sicko!), you can check out my other blog, linked at the side of this page. If you want to contact me, do so with the comments – I’ll get back to you. Now, commencing with this whole ‘blog’ business! Recently (as you can see on my software page, linked to the side and directly below this post), I’ve been working on beautifying the interface to gxine. I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty good job, so far, but my work is far from complete. I intend for it to be a replacement for totem, for people who want something a bit more technical, and without all the dependencies – I’ve included some of the things I plan to add to it on the Sourceforge bug I filed (also linked on the software page). I think there’s a real gap for a technical xine front-end – One that allows you to access all the xine options and doesn’t depend on Gnome, but at the same time isn’t… crap (xine-ui). I’ll be moving back to Southampton soon (end of Easter holidays), so work will probably be put on hold for a week or so, as I pack, move and then spend a few days furiously trying to catch up on all the work I neglected to do this holiday… That said, I have another project I want to take on – Modifying Gnome’s AilseRiot Solitaire to not depend on Gnome. This would be great for GPE (link to the side), and for people who want a decent gtk-based Solitaire game. I don’t know when I’ll have time for that though 🙁 I also plan on porting Gnomine with it, but I need to make a few more changes to that to work better with a stylus (remove the need to middle/right click). I was thinking middle-click is unnecessary, just replace that with left-click, and to mark mines, you start holding on the square, then drag the stylus off. When I owned a Clie, a few minesweeper games worked like that and I think it worked rather well. Even more to add to the todo list, I need to get a hold of a Zaurus serial cable to debug the apm bugs in the collie linux kernel, and also add a proc interface for the sharp buzzer. I’m so going to fail my degree.


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