Too much work

My schedule for this week: Monday:
Revise for Theory of Computing test on Tuesday
2pm-4pm: Software Engineering Group project meeting
9pm-2am: Work Tuesday:
9.55am-5.30pm: Lectures (1.5 hours break) + test Wednesday:
9.15am: IBM Extreme Blue recruitment day Thursday:
4pm: Distributed Computing coursework due Friday:
Lectures and SEG project meeting likely Not to mention work I need to catch up on, coursework due in next week, etc. I haven’t started that coursework, so that’ll be a lot of fun, and to top it all off: I seem to be getting ill. Great! Enough self-pity and onto grovelling: Keen observers may have noticed a donations button creep into the side-bar. All donations will be spent towards forwarding development of Linux-based palmtop environments (e.g. Buying new hardware, cables, accessories, books, etc.). I don’t expect anything, but if ever an eccentric millionaire visited my site and wanted to help me out, I’ve made it easy for him/her.


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