I’m far too lazy a person to handle the amount of work I have on my plate at the moment. Yesterday I worked all day at The Hobbit (the pub where I work) – Live bands were playing all day, so it was a lot more fun than usual, but also very *very* busy :/ A couple of pics: Which leads me onto more relevant information: I bought a new phone! A Sony Ericsson T630, in fact. Before this phone however, I tried the Philips 755, which I must say, was a huge disappointment. The style and design of the phone was nice, the hardware seemed capable, but it was let down by the most shoddy software I’ve ever had the displeasure of using… Primary usability problems with it included a 2-second delay when pressing the shift key (or any other key that altered the keymap) on the on-screen keyboard, not being able to add words to the T9 dictionary, and the worst laid out menus ever conceived (‘Settings’ is the selected option when you enter the main menu, for example). How this phone ever passed any kind of quality test, I’ll never know… If *I* had written the software 😉 The Sony Ericsson T630, however, is the nicest phone I’ve owned to date. Everything about it is perfectly thought out – You can tell a lot of money was spent on quality assurance. Menu layout, shortcuts, automation, everything is just about right, for the price-range, and it has an excellent organiser to boot. An advantage of owning a more common phone is the desktop support under non-Windows platforms. This phone is now acting as my synchronisation conduit between uni and home (where I use a Mac and a PC running Linux, respectively) via bluetooth, as well as providing me access to all my appointments, contacts, etc. on the move. The only fault I could level with this phone is its slight lack of memory (2 megs accessible, compared to the 7 megs of the Philips 755), but it’s just about adequate, and easily offset by the quality of the other features of the phone. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap-ish phone with camera and organiser abilities. IBM have invited me back for further assessment, however, I’m almost certain that I’ll take the job at OpenedHand instead (that is if they’ll still have me) – As great as the IBM Hursley campus is, and as extensive their facilities are, the whole place just felt… boring. Not to mention that the projects that I’d be working on didn’t sound particularly interesting either, I think I’d find it hard to motivate myself enough to give them my best performance, and that wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours… I’d like to discuss this with my tutor, but once again he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth and isn’t replying to e-mails. Never mind.


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